Martin Suchara

Argonne National Laboratory

9700 Cass Avenue

Lemont, IL 60439



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The quantum computing group at Argonne National Laboratory is looking for postdoctoral scholars and summer students to perform research in quantum computing. Research topics include quantum networking, quantum algorithms, quantum distributed systems, quantum error correction, and simulations of quantum networks. Interested candidates should send their CV to the project lead Martin Suchara at msuchara[at] Candidates for postdoctoral positions can also apply directly at for a position with requisition number 405345. The postdoctoral position advertisement is here.

I am a Computational Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory. I am broadly interested in quantum computing research including topics such as quantum error correction, quantum key distribution and its network and security applications, quantum algorithms, and numerical simulations of quantum systems.

Quantum error correction presents some of the most significant and interesting challenges in the field of quantum computing. Error-correcting codes allow the use of unreliable qubits to build a reliable quantum computer. However, these codes are complex and have a high overhead. Reducing this overhead is both necessary and cost effective. In my prior work I designed new codes that offer benefits such as increased noise threshold, faster error decoding, easier error syndrome measurements in some physical technologies, and handling of certain new types of errors such as qubit leakage. I was fortunate to be a postdoc in the quantum computing groups at IBM Research and UC Berkeley.

My PhD is from Princeton University where I was advised by Professor Jennifer Rexford. I was an undergraduate student at the California Institute of Technology working in Netlab, Caltech’s networking research group of Professor Steven Low.


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