Martin Suchara

Argonne National Laboratory

9700 Cass Avenue

Lemont, IL 60439



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Here you can find slides from talks I have given.


Hybrid Quantum-Classical Computing Architectures,

Intel PCC Invited Talk (02/2019), APS March Meeting, Boston, MA (03/2019)


Introduction to Quantum Error Correction,

Introduction to Quantum Networking,

Argonne Quantum Computing Tutorial, Lemont, IL (12/2018)


Hybrid Quantum-Classical Computing Architectures,

The 3rd International Workshop on Post-Moore Era Supercomputing, Dallas, TX (11/2018)


Efficient Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing,

Fishbowl Seminar at Texas A&M University (02/2017), QES Seminar, Princeton University (11/2016), IQC at the University of Waterloo (10/2016), CE Colloquium at TU Delft, Netherlands (09/2015)


Qubit Leakage Suppression in the Toric Code,

APS March Meeting, San Antonio, TX (03/2015)


Baseline Resource Estimates for IARPA's Quantum Computer Science Program,

IEEE ICCD, Asheville, NC (10/2013), Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA (08/2012), IARPA QCS PI Meeting, Princeton, NJ (07/2012), IARPA QCS Workshop, Minneapolis, MN (05/2012), IARPA QCS Technical Exchange Meeting, El Segundo, CA (01/2012)


Fast Parallel Decoder for Topological Error-Correcting Codes,

IBM T. J. Watson Research Center (05/2012)


Topological Subsystem Codes with Local Gauge Group Generators,

IQC at the University of Waterloo (02/2011), NEC Laboratories of America, Princeton, NJ (02/2011), UC Berkeley (12/2010), IQI at Caltech (12/2010), IBM T. J. Watson Research Center (08/2010)


BGP Safety with Spurious Updates: The Conditions of BGP Convergence,

IEEE INFOCOM, Shanghai, China (04/2011), Harvard University (01/2011), Stanford University (01/2011), Yale University (10/2010), Columbia University (05/2010)


Simple Failure Resilient Load Balancing,

ACM SIGMETRICS, San Jose, CA (06/2011), AT&T Labs Research, Florham Park, NJ (09/2008)


Greening Backbone Networks: Reducing Energy Consumption by Shutting Off Cables in Bundled Links,

ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Green Networking, New Delhi, India (09/2010)


Rethinking Internet Traffic Management: From Multiple Decompositions to a Practical Protocol,

Cambridge University (09/2008), Stanford University (04/2008), UC Berkeley (04/2008)


How Small Groups can Secure Interdomain Routing,

Researh Seminar, Princeton University (01/2008), CoNEXT Student Workshop, New York, NY (12/2007)


TCP MaxNet: Implementation and Experiments on the WAN in Lab,

BROADNETS 2008, London, UK (09/2008), IEEE ICON, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (11/2005), Stanford University (08/2005)



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