Martin Suchara

Argonne National Laboratory

9700 Cass Avenue

Lemont, IL 60439



Work Experience
Invited Talks








Argonne National Laboratory – Computational Scientist



AT&T Labs Research – Principal Inventive Scientist



IBM T. J. Watson Research Center – Postdoctoral Scholar in the Theory of Quantum Computing and Information Group



UC Berkeley – Postdoctoral Scholar at the Berkeley Quantum Information & Computation Center



Princeton University – Graduate Research Assistant



Caltech – Undergraduate Research Assistant



Work on IARPA Multi-Qubit Coherent Operations (MQCO) Program as a Postdoctoral Scholar at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

  • Developed a maximum likelihood decoder that finds the optimal recovery operation in the surface quantum error-correcting code and demonstrated greater than 100-fold improvement of the logical error probability for error rates lower than 10%.
  • Investigated strategies for correction of leakage faults that excite qubits outside of the computational subspace, designed new leakage reducing quantum circuits, accompanying error decoders and evaluated their performance by numerical simulations on the IBM Blue Gene supercomputer.
  • Constructed a topological subsystem quantum error-correcting code that only requires two-qubit nearest-neighbor measurements for error correction and designed the corresponding error decoder.
  • Wrote a simulator that determines the noise threshold of topological error-correcting codes and used it to compare the properties of several codes.

Work on IARPA Quantum Computer Science (QCS) Program as a Postdoctoral Scholar at UC Berkeley

  • Led a group of students and postdocs who quantified the resources (such as running time and number of qubits) needed to run a variety of quantum algorithms and error-correcting codes on several physical quantum computation technologies.
  • Investigated the practical implications of incorporating quantum error-correcting codes into large-scale quantum computing architectures, identified tradeoffs and sources of inefficiencies.
  • Designed a heuristic that improves the speed of decoding errors in topological quantum error-correcting codes and implemented a proof-of-concept demonstration.
  • Repeatedly presented project results to the IARPA Program Manager at PI meetings.

Work at AT&T Labs as a Principal Inventive Scientist and earlier as a Contractor, part of work funded under DARPA CORONET Project

  • Provided guidance to management about the uses of quantum computing and communication technologies and their security applications.
  • Supervised a summer intern working on quantum communication and security.
  • Designed a new patented architecture that unifies network failure resilience and traffic engineering, performed convex optimizations of a national IP telecommunication network.
  • Collaborated with several departments to perform extensive numerical simulations with real topology, traffic, and failure data from the AT&T backbone network.



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